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Client Testimonials

Outstanding Service!!!

“Jessica Charles was wonderful!!!! She was very responsive, answered all my questions/concerns. Explained everything in detail, was on time for court (unlike some attorneys) my experience was wonderful!! I would highly recommend Jessica, she is a true example of a great attorney!!!”

– A Satisfied Client

“The growth that we’ve experienced as an up and coming startup has been exponentially increased since we hired Jessica as our counsel. She was highly recommended to me and I’m highly recommending her to you! Professional, sincere, and knowledgeable are just a few of the words capable of describing her value to us as her clients. Very satisfied with her work and will continue to utilize her skills as we strive for the highest.”

– Devin

“If you are in need of a father’s rights attorney, then look no further. She works hard into the night, at hours when most of us are asleep, to get results. Great follow-up. Highly recommended.”

– Michael

Easy Button!

“My experience with Jessica has been fantastic! She is very knowledgeable in the area of business. Her ability to communicate that knowledge to our team has made entering the world of business very easy. Jessica does a good job of sharing her network in efforts to create solutions to just about every challenge that we faced. Overall our team is very pleased with Jessica’s professionalism, character and service!”

– Jibri

Business Advice Session

“It was good. I got what I wanted. Thanks”

– A Satisfied Client

An Excellent Divorce Lawyer

“I was going through a messy divorce and hired Ms.Charles to help me with attaining my property, and Ms. Charles helped me win my case. She was compassionate and sympathetic towards me and my situation. Ms. Charles was knowledgeable, affordable and I made me feel confident in her ability to win my case. I would refer her to anyone going through a divorce and in need of an attorney.”

– A Satisfied Client

“Jessica charles gets a triple​ five star rating for representing me in my divorce case she was very professional and very well educated on the core factors that determine​d​ whether or not I would win or lose. Her ​strategy and approach ​for​ my case were exceptional, me being a male makes it hard in a custody ​battle. She emphasized​ focusing on all of the good that I am doing as a loving father and provider and that ​proved to weigh more on the scale of judgment in my case to persuade the judge to rule in my favor. Also the law firm made me feel more like family than a client because of their direct and timely communication sometimes after hours to answer my questions.”

– A Satisfied Client

She Really Helped Me!

“After the birth of my son, my husband and I were concerned about what would happen if we were to pass away (we’re 41 and 50). Ms. Charles helped us with the estate planning documents and to really create a plan. I can sleep better now (when the little one lets us). She was responsive, really there for us, and treated us like we were a priority. I highly recommend.”

– Shana

Excellent Review of Jessica Charles

“Attorney Charles represented me in a complicated Divorce Case. She is a very smart Family Attorney who knows her Job and above all she is a great human being who generally cares for her clients. I not only found an excellent attorney but a great friend as well.”

– Lavern

Highly Recommended

“Jessica was very professional and communicative about the process. She was able to give me the direction that I needed and created an amicable resolution for my case. I would highly recommend her services.”

– Van

My Lawyer for Life!

“Ms. Charles was great in handling my complicated joint venture agreement with another party. I was initially doing it on my own but was confused about the project move forward. She was very patient with me and explained in a way I could understand. She also constantly reminded me about my rights and what benefits I was entitled to receive. As a result of efforts, I was able to retain certain rights in my creative work which will be beneficial as my project continues. I was very happy with her services and would work with her again in the future.”

– Chris

Excellent & Experienced Attorney. Very Satisfied

“Ms. Charles is an excellent attorney. She represented me in a civil lawsuit. We won the case. She was very thorough and knowledgeable. I have referred her to numerous people including my friends and family members.”

– Jay

Smart & Invested Lawyer

“If you are looking for an articulate, strong skilled, great listener, while compassionate lawyer then Jessica is it!

I had one of the most complicated custody cases, therefore I was very surprised at how knowledgeable Jessica was when I consulted with her. We spoke for almost 2 hours and she was very much interested in our discussion even though there was no initial consult fee; I didn’t feel rushed nor on the clock. She was very informative about the steps I should take, and the possible outcomes once we went to custody court.

Moreover, she fought for me and worked to get me what I was asking for! If she didn’t know the answer… she did the research and came prepared to meetings and court. This made me very confident in her ability to argue on my behalf.”

– Darnell W.

Worth The Drive

“She was outside of my area but it was worth the drive to see her. After weeks of looking for an attorney to resolve my legal issue, Jessica was able to handle it within two weeks. I was very pleased.”

– M.B.