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Father’s Rights Lawyer In Upper Marlboro

In 2010, 25.5% of households in Upper Marlboro had children under the age of 18. As a result, many divorced couples in the area find themselves in the midst of custody, child support and alimony battles. Some fathers feel as if the court is discriminating against them based on their gender.

If you fear discrimination, you need a father’s rights lawyer in Upper Marlboro. They know your rights and can stand up for you in court. The JC Law Group, LLC wants to represent you in your fight for justice.

What Are A Father’s Rights?





In Maryland and most other states in the country, a father has the same rights as a mother. Years ago, this wasn’t the case. But today, laws have changed. A father has just as much of a right to their child as a mother.

All of the following are the rights of a biological father:

Legal Custody

With this right, the father is allowed to participate in making life decisions regarding their child. They have a say in the child’s religion, schooling, medical treatment and other important decisions.

Physical Custody

Even if the child doesn’t live primarily with the child, they still have a right to spend time with them. This is known as physical custody.

Child Support

It costs money to raise a child, and that cost should be shared by both parents. If you have primary custody of the child, the mother may be responsible for paying you child support.


As a father, you deserve information about your child’s welfare, health and education. But some mothers try to keep the other parent out of it. You may need to fight for your access to information.

Establishing Paternity

Until a father establishes paternity, he has no rights to the child. But you might not need to do anything to establish paternity. If you and the mother were married when the child was born, you are considered the father and you have parental rights.

Things get complicated when the parents were never married. In this case, you would need to establish paternity to get your rights. This involves filing an Affidavit of Parentage of filing a paternity action and taking a DNA test.

The only time a father should file an Affidavit of Parentage is if he is sure he is the father. Otherwise, he will be responsible for financially supporting the child throughout their life.

Fighting For Custody

Once you establish your paternity, you may begin your journey towards obtaining legal and physical custody. This allows you to spend more time with your child and have a say in how they live their life.

You and the mother might be able to resolve custody out of the courtroom. If you can agree with a custody arrangement, you won’t need to go to trial. Once you come up with an arrangement, you show it to the court. After the agreement is approved, you’re finished with the process. A judge signs off on the agreement and you need to stick with it unless it’s legally modified.

At other times, the parents are unable to negotiate. Then, it’s left up to a judge. They will consider what is in the best interest of the child. If a father’s rights lawyer in Prince George’s County proves that your care is in their best interest, you will get a favorable decision.

When considering visitation and custody, the court looks at several factors. They consider how well each parent can care for the child, if they have any health concerns, and whether a parent abandoned the child.

They also look at a history of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, some fathers are wrongly accused of abuse. Charges or even testimony of your abuse can hurt your case. It’s more important than ever to work with a Maryland father’s rights lawyer in Upper Marlboro. They might be able to overcome the accusations and save your custody case.

Child Support

After paternity is established, child support must be addressed. You have a financial responsibility to your child. If the other parent has physical custody of the child, you should be paying the child support.

The state of Maryland uses child support guidelines to calculate a fair payment. The court considers your income, the other parent’s income, and the child’s needs. After an agreement is made, you can always ask to modify it due to significant changes in your life.

Do You Need A Family Law Attorney In Prince George’s County?

Father’s rights in Maryland are more complex than they seem. You may deserve more than you’re getting or you could be taken advantage of. Before you’re stuck with a legally binding agreement, you should work with an experienced legal professional.

Here at The JC Law Group, LLC, we understand the court doesn’t always favor the father. We want to fight for you and work for a better future for you and your child.

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